Local Plan to 2030 - Main Modifications September 2018

Main Modifications to Ashford Local Plan

Policy HOU5 – Residential windfall development in the countryside (MM61)

Amend para 5.59 and as follows:

5.59 In assessing proposals, the scale of a development will be a major factor to bring into this equation. For larger schemes, the importance of good accessibility to local services and facilities will be of particular importance taking account of the quality and number of such services and the ability to either benefit or be accommodated by such services. The cumulative effects of windfall schemes on local services and facilities having taken account of the impacts from any allocated sites in the area and any other developments with extant planning permission will need to be considered, including whether existing services may readily absorb (or benefit from) the additional demand placed on them as a consequence. This should include reference to the availability of primary school places and GP provision at the nearest available facilities alongside the scale and quality of local community facilities. This may also include any supplementary effects on existing residents, for example as a result of reduced school catchment areas.

Insert additional paragraph following 5.61:

This policy therefore does not include some of the smaller settlements, which may only be suitable for minor development and infilling in accordance with Policy HOU3a.

Admin correction in paragraph 5.67 as follows:

5.67 Proposals for exceptional dwellings under criterion (iv) the second part of Policy HOU5…….


Amend Policy HOU5 as follows to include a list of applicable settlements:

Policy HOU5 - Residential windfall development in the countryside

Proposals for residential development adjoining or close to the existing built up confines of the following settlements will be acceptable:

listed in policy HOU3a will be permitted

Ashford, Aldington, Appledore, Bethersden, Biddenden, Brabourne Lees/Smeeth, Challock, Charing, Chilham, Egerton, Great Chart, Hamstreet, High Halden, Hothfield, Kingsnorth*, Mersham, Pluckley, Rolvenden, Shadoxhurst, Smarden, Tenterden (including St Michaels), Wittersham, Woodchurch and Wye.

* Existing Kingsnorth village

Amend Criteria a), b) e) and f) (vi) as follows:

Providing that each of the following criteria is met:

a)    the scale of development proposed is proportionate to the size of the settlement and the level, type and quality of day to day service provision currently available in the nearest settlement, and commensurate with the ability of those services to absorb the level of development in combination with any planned allocations in this Local Plan and committed development, in liaison with service providers;

b)   the site is within easy walking distance of basic day to day services in the nearest settlement, and/or has access to sustainable methods of transport to access a range of services;

e) conserve and enhance the natural environment and conserve preserve or enhance any heritage assets in the locality;

     f)  the development (and any associated infrastructure) is of a high quality design and meets the following requirements:-

vi) It would enhance conserve biodiversity interests on the site and /or adjoining area and not adversely affect the integrity of international and national protected sites in line with Policy ENV1.

Isolated rResidential development elsewhere in the countryside will only be permitted if the proposal is for at least one of the following:-

Add sentence to end of Policy as follows:

Policy HOU10 will also be applied to relevant garden land applications.