Local Plan to 2030 - Main Modifications September 2018

Main Modifications to Ashford Local Plan

Policy HOU6 – Self and Custom Build Development (MM62)

Amendment to Supporting Text as follows:

5.71 The establishment of a Right to Build Register and evidence gained from future SHELAAs and SHMAs has and will continue to help inform the level of need for Self Build. Based on current numbers on the Ashford Self and Custom Build Register, plots on allocated sites have the potential to meet a reasonably high proportion of demand, but the Council will continue to explore complementary delivery mechanisms which could include windfall proposals for self and custom build (in line with other policies within this Plan).

Amendment to Policy as follows:

The Council will support self and custom build development by requiring all sites within and on the edge of the towns of Ashford and Tenterden delivering more than 40 dwellings to supply no less than 5% of serviced dwelling plots for sale to self or custom builders.

In the villages and rural areas sites delivering more than 20 dwellings must supply no less than 5% of serviced dwelling plots for sale to self or custom builder.

The following criteria must be met:

a) Where this equates to more than 5 custom build dwellings on a single site a Design Brief should be submitted and agreed with the Council prior to the application being submitted;

b) Where plots have been prominently marketed for sale to self or custom builders for at least 12 months (to the satisfaction of the Council), and have not sold, the plot can return to the developer to be developed and/or sold as open market housing;

c) Development proposals must be of high quality design and demonstrate a positive response to sustainable development.