Local Plan to 2030 - Main Modifications September 2018

Main Modifications to Ashford Local Plan

Policy HOU7 - Replacement Dwellings in the Countryside (MM63)

Amend policy wording as follows:

Proposals for a replacement dwelling will be permitted provided that the proposal:

a) is replacing an existing individual dwelling that has a lawful residential use; and,

b) complements the surrounding built form and the Is designed to ensure it does not result in significant harm to the overall character and appearance of the area taking into account the surrounding built form and/or the existing street-scene; and,

c) is sympathetic suitable in terms of its scale, bulk, massing and the materials used; and,

d) can be suitably accessed; and

e) does not harm the landscape, the functioning of neighbouring uses or the amenities of nearby residents. would not materially harm any neighbouring uses including the living conditions of nearby residents;

Where a replacement dwelling is proposed in a Conservation Area or a visually prominent position in the landscape, or within or adjoining in the setting of an AONB, proposals will be required to address the specific sensitivities that are prevalent in these areas. Particular consideration will be given to the scale and wider impact of a replacement dwelling in these locations.

Where planning approval is given, planning obligations will: /conditions may be applied to:

  • ·Remove ‘permitted development’ rights where a replacement dwelling has increased the floorspace of the existing dwelling and where a further increase in floorspace/scale may make the development unacceptable with regards to criterion b, c and e above, and

Ensure that the existing dwelling is removed within 3 months of the occupation of the replacement dwelling (where an alternative location is proposed), to prevent isolated development in the countryside which does not meet the requirements of Policy HOU5.