Local Plan to 2030 - Main Modifications September 2018

Main Modifications to Ashford Local Plan

Policy HOU8 - Residential Extensions (MM64)

Minor change to supporting text as follows:

5.78 Where an extension requires permission, the Council requires that the scale and visual impact of such development is appropriate in relation to both the existing dwelling and the surrounding area and that the living conditions of neighbours are not adversely affected. To this end, alterations and extensions should be designed to complement the scale, massing and materials of the existing building, preserve and features of architectural interest, provide a satisfactory relationship between the old and new fabric and not lead to overlooking, overpowering or overshadowing of neighbouring properties….

Amend Policy as follows:

Proposals for extensions to dwellings will be permitted if each of the following criteria is met:

a) the existing dwelling2 enjoys a lawful residential use; and

b) the proposed extension would not materially harm any neighbouring uses including the living conditions of adjoining residents; and,

c) the proposed extension is suitable in size, scale and materials built form to the existing dwelling to which it should be physically linked, also taking into account the existing standard of accommodation for extensions to smaller rural properties; and

d) the proposed extension is designed sensitively to avoid to ensure it does not result in significant harm to the overall character and appearance of the area taking into account the surrounding built form and /or street scene of the surrounding area and the landscape and the distinct features of the landscape character area in which it is located.

Where an extension is proposed in a Conservation Area or a visually prominent position in the landscape, or within or in the setting of an AONB, proposals will be required to address the specific sensitivities that are prevalent in these areas. Particular consideration will be given to the scale and wider impact in these locations.