Local Plan to 2030 - Main Modifications September 2018

Main Modifications to Ashford Local Plan

Policy HOU18 – Providing a range of dwelling types and sizes (MM71)

Amend supporting text as follows:

5.127.4 The Council’s starting point is that all proposals for 10 or more dwellings will deliver an appropriate mix and range of dwellings types and that older persons schemes and flatted proposals will deliver an appropriate mix of sizes and tenures. all qualifying proposals are expected to provide an appropriate mix and range of dwelling types.

Insert new paragraph after 5.127.4

However, exceptional circumstances may dictate that an alternative approach is required. Such circumstances include:

- where a proposal is located in a highly sensitive location, such as within or adjoining a conservation area which dictates that a concentration of certain housing types is needed in design terms,

- where locally specific evidence has been produced, such as an assessment by the Parish Council, which justifies that a specific housing type or mix is required to meet an identified local need,

- where delivering the aspirations of Policy HOU18 would render the scheme unviable. In these circumstances compliance with Policy IMP2 of this Local Plan would need to be demonstrated by the applicant to justify their case. Should this position be supported by the Council, then a degree of flexibility could be applied.