Local Plan to 2030 - Main Modifications September 2018

Main Modifications to Ashford Local Plan

Policy ENV8 – Water Quality, Supply and Treatment (MM89)

Amend supporting text and policy as follows:

5.341.3 With regard to the sewerage system (network of sewers and associated facilities that convey wastewater to the treatment works for treatment), developers will be required to work in collaboration with the service provider to ensure that the infrastructure is delivered in parallel with the development. New residential and commercial development will be permitted only if sufficient capacity is either available, or can be provided in time to serve it. Where there is insufficient capacity in the sewerage network developments will be required to provide a connection to the sewerage system at the nearest point of adequate capacity. In circumstances where there is no mains connection within reasonable distance to connect to, alternative proposals should be considered.

5.342 The majority of Ashford’s water supply comes from large underground chalk and greensand aquifers that need regular replenishment over sustained periods. These aquifers are currently over abstracted and over licensed and there is a presumption against further consumptive abstraction. As well as being important sources of drinking water, groundwater provides rivers with their based-flow which if not maintained can be detrimental to water quality. For development proposals in Groundwater Protection Zones (Source Protection Zones and/or Groundwater Vulnerability Zones), it will be necessary to investigate and risk assess the potential for any adverse effects on groundwater supplies in consultation with the Environment Agency. DEFRA is proposing […]

5.343     The Water Framework Directive (WFD) is the legal framework established to protect and restore clean water throughout Europe. For sites adjacent to main rivers in the borough, development must respect the river corridor, through the provision of, for example, a suitable buffer zone from the top of the river banks. A key target of the WFD is to achieve ‘good’ status by 2021 or 2027.Aylesford Stream on the East Stour was previously the only waterbody within East Kent achieving ‘Good’ WFD status but the latest cycle (2) shows that that it is no longer meeting WFD objectives. Whilst pollution from wastewater has a significant impact on water quality other impacts such as road runoff, rural discharge from farming practices and low rainfall combined with widespread water abstraction and physical modifications also contributed to poor water quality.

5.344 New development must ensure that there are no direct or indirect adverse effects on the quality of water supplies sources in the borough.

Policy ENV8 - Water Quality, Supply and Treatment

Major proposals for new development must be able to demonstrate that there are, or will be, adequate water supply and wastewater treatment facilities in place to serve the whole development, or where development is being carried out in phases, the whole of the phase for which approval is being sought. Improvements in these facilities, the timing of their provision and funding sources will be key to the delivery of development.

All development proposals must provide a connection to the sewerage system at the nearest point of adequate capacity wherever feasible, as advised by the service provider, and ensure future access to the existing sewerage systems for maintenance and upsizing purposes.

Schemes that would be likely to result in a reduction in the quality or quantity of groundwater resources will not be permitted. The Council will support, in principle, infrastructure proposals designed to increase water supply and wastewater treatment capacity subject to there being no significant adverse environmental impacts and the minimisation of those that may remain.

Where a site overlies a Groundwater Protection Zone an appropriate site investigation and risk assessment may be required to be undertaken in consultation with the Environment Agency prior to any grant of planning permission.