Local Plan to 2030 - Main Modifications September 2018

Main Modifications to Ashford Local Plan

Policy ENV15 – Archaeology (MM94)

Add paragraph to supporting text as follows after Paragraph 5.404:

“Significance” is defined in the NPPF as the value of a heritage asset to this and future generations because of its heritage interest. More information on the significance of heritage assets in Ashford Borough can be found in the adopted Ashford Heritage Strategy (2017). However, on a site-by-site basis, archaeological investigation in areas of archaeological potential or where unexpected finds have occurred should include an analysis of archaeological significance, and would include recommendations designed to ensure that any development does not damage or destroy any potential archaeological remains, ensuring important remains are properly recorded and, as relevant, preserved.

Amend Policy wording to read as follows:

The archaeological and historic integrity of Scheduled Monuments and other important archaeological sites, together with their settings, will be protected and where possible enhanced. Development which would adversely affect such designated heritage assets will be assessed in line with Policy ENV13 not be permitted.

Planning applications, on sites where there is, or is the known potential for, an archaeological heritage asset, should include an appropriate desk based assessment of the asset.

In addition, where the assessment outlined in Policy ENV13 reveals that important or potentially significant archaeological heritage assets may exist, developers will be required to arrange for field evaluations to be carried out in advance of the determination of planning applications.

Where the case for development affecting a heritage asset site of archaeological interest is accepted, the any archaeological remains should be preserved in situ as the preferred approach. Where this is not possible or justified, appropriate provision for preservation by record may be an acceptable alternative dependent on their significance. Any archaeological recording should be by an approved archaeological body and take place in accordance with a specification and programme of work to be submitted to and approved by the Borough Council in advance of development commencing.