The Future of Bockhanger Community Centre Site

Kennington Community Council (Kennington CC), in partnership with Ashford Borough Council (Ashford BC), would like to invite you to complete the following questionnaire. By taking part you will be helping us understand the needs of the local community. We will use this information to help shape proposals for the use of the site previously occupied by Bockhanger Community Centre, to deliver something that suits the needs of local people.

This questionnaire follows a stakeholder engagement workshop that was held on 06 November 2019. Key people in the local community were invited to take part in a series of exercises to consider how the needs of the community can be met, how the site can be used to contribute to the wider regeneration of the site and what community assets exist already and what is subsequently missing from the local area. The outcomes of this workshop have been used to shape this questionnaire.

Ashford BC and Kennington CC are keen to explore the opportunities this site presents and deliver a facility that meets the needs of the local community.

Anyone is welcome to participate, but we are particularly interested in hearing from residents that live in Bybrook, Bockhanger, Kennington and Little Burton.

Throughout the questionnaire, you will be asked to provide your opinions on your local area. Please note that we would consider you local area as a 20-minute walk from your property in any direction.





Privacy Policy

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