The Future of Bockhanger Community Centre Site

Kennington Community Council (Kennington CC), in partnership with Ashford Borough Council (Ashford BC), would like to invite you to complete the following questionnaire.

This questionnaire will help us understand the needs of the local community. We will use this information to help shape proposals for the former Bockhanger Community Centre site. Your responses will suggest:

  • The type of community facility/hub to be built
  • How we can help deliver something that meets the needs of local people

This questionnaire follows a stakeholder engagement workshop that was held on 6 November 2019. The workshop was attended by key people in the local community, who were invited to take part in a series of exercises. These looked at:

  • How the needs of the community can be met,
  • How the site can be used to assist wider regeneration works
  • What community assets are already in the local area – and what is potentially missing. The outcomes of this workshop have been used to shape this questionnaire.

Ashford BC and Kennington CC are keen to work together with local residents to explore what can be delivered at the old Bockhanger Community Centre site and wider area to provide improved facilities. The 2018 Borough-wide Residents’ Survey highlighted the need for the council to build more affordable homes for local people. You can read the results of the survey at

As a result we are exploring a range of options, including a residential-led, mixed-use development which meets local housing needs and provides a mix of new community facilities and retail units.

We are interested in hearing from residents that live in Bybrook, Bockhanger, Kennington and Little Burton. Please note that the survey is only open to invited residents at this time.

Throughout the questionnaire, you will be asked to provide your opinions on your local area. Please note that we would consider your local area as a 20-minute walk from your property in any direction.

bockhanger map

Various community facilities already available within a 1.5km radius of the site are shown on the map above.

If you have any questions relating to the consultation, or would like any help in responding to the questionnaire, please contact us at:

Once you complete the questionnaire, please return it using the freepost envelope provide.

Please respond by Monday 17 February 2020.

Privacy Policy

Ashford Borough Council (ABC) is the data controller for any personal information collected during this consultation. Where possible consultation are designed in a way as to not collect or minimise the collection of any directly identifiable personal information; however, personal information may be collected as part of your answers to any open questions.

In some cases if the consultation is a statutory requirement, for example to inform the Local Plan, given the statutory status of the type of consultation, relevant regulations, and the public interest in making information on this type of consultations available, it may be appropriate for us to make a wide range of information and documents available on our website, however this will be explained in more detail during the specific consultation document.

During consultations processing is generally conducted under the public interest legal basis and any collected information will be held for as long as it is needed to inform our strategy. For more information about your data protection rights please see the Council’s data protection pages which can be found at or contact the Data Protection Officer at The Data Protection Officer, Ashford Borough Council, Civic Centre, Tannery Lane, Ashford TN23 1PL.


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