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  • Bethersden Neighbourhood Plan - Further Regulation 16 Consultation

    Ashford Borough Council is currently consulting on a series of proposed modifications to the Bethersden Neighbourhood Plan. Please note that this consultation does not relate to the Neighbourhood Plan in its entirety, but only those areas where modifications have been proposed.

    Open from 30 May 2019 to 12 Jul 2019

  • Rolvenden Neighbourhood Development Plan Regulation 16 Consultation

    Notice of Publication of the Rolvenden Neighbourhood Development Plan The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 – Regulation 16

    Open from 10 May 2019 to 24 Jun 2019

  • Tenterden Parish (Town) Neighbourhood Area Application

    Tenterden Parish (Town) have submitted a request to be designated as a Neighbourhood Planning Area. This consultation enables supporting or objecting comments to be made on this request.

    Open from 10 Jan 2019 to 22 Feb 2019

  • Local Plan to 2030 - Main Modifications September 2018

    The Council is currently consulting on Main Modifications to the Ashford Local Plan 2030 Submission Version.

    Open from 13 Sep 2018 to 26 Oct 2018

  • WYE3 Masterplan Consultation

    Public consultation on the draft Masterplan to guide the future change of use and redevelopment at the Former Wye College (Wye 3) -

    Open from 26 Mar 2018 to 08 May 2018

  • Gypsy, Traveller and Travelling Showpeople Issues and Options

    Ashford Borough Council are committed to meeting the identified needs of the Gypsy and Traveller community within the borough. In order to meet this need, the Council is in the process of developing a Development Plan Document for Gypsies and Travellers. This consultation seeks the views of the Gypsy and Traveller communities, residents and stakeholders, on the issues and options for Gypsy and Traveller site selection in Ashford.

    Open from 21 Feb 2018 to 06 Apr 2018

  • Bethersden Neighbourhood Development Plan (Regulation 16)

    Notice of Publication of the Bethersden Neighbourhood Plan Proposal -The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 – Regulation 16

    Open from 15 Dec 2017 to 09 Feb 2018

  • Discretionary Rate Relief - Autumn 2017

    The council is consulting on its proposed discretionary rate relief scheme, following announcement of a funding allocation from government to help businesses adversely affected by the Valuation Office Agency's revaluation that came into effect on 1st April 2017.

    Open from 25 Sep 2017 to 06 Nov 2017

  • Draft Open Space Strategy

    The Open Space Strategy will provide a robust framework to help strengthen Ashford’s open space provision by providing a series of interrelated actions that are all working towards the same goal. These are to protect, enhance and provide an open space network across the borough to create a thriving landscape of well-located and well-connected open spaces, which supports our existing and future community.

    Open from 08 Aug 2017 to 20 Sep 2017

  • Ashford Heritage Strategy

    This Heritage Strategy describes the rich history of Ashford Borough and its broad wealth of heritage assets. In doing so it responds to, and is compliant with the requirement for a ‘positive strategy for the conservation and enjoyment of the historic environment’ promoted by the NPPF. It sets out how the historic environment can play an important role in delivering regeneration in the Borough, particularly supporting the objectives of the Local Plan for the regeneration of Ashford Town Centre, and the role of heritage in growing the tourism offer of the Borough.

    Open from 07 Jul 2017 to 31 Aug 2017

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