Local Plan to 2030 Regulation 19 - Publication June 2016

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Response Date 01 Aug 2016
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I have read through the above referenced document and I am particularly interested in the area to the east of Ashford and towards the village of Mersham.

I would like to propose that a green area be established to the east of Highfield Lane and down towards Cheesemans Green Lane. I consider that it is important to maintain separation between the inevitable urban spread of Ashford and the culturally and environmentally discrete villages that surround Ashford. To this end I consider the establishment of a green area along section WE15 and extending south of the railway line towards Cheesemans Green be defined on the 2030 plan.

I attended the presentation by Mr. Richard Alderton at Mersham church on 18th July. When he was asked about this possibility he mentioned that green areas are only established along the lines of the local rivers. However I note from Map 10 in the draft publication that green areas are shown along the route of the A2070 and from the Park Farm roundabout to the Asda roundabout. There also proposed green areas shown out to Stubbs Cross. These are not along rivers.

It is disappointing to note that there are no proposed green areas on the Mersham side of the A2070.

In view of the proposed development on U19 and then junction 10A I consider that it would reasonable to protect Mersham with a green buffer zone east of Highfield Lane and south of the railway line to join up with the green buffer zones that are already indicated on Map 10 coming out to Cheesemans Green Lane and to the Owl Sanctuary.

I look forward to learning of your views on this proposal and hope that you take my opinion into consideration when considering the development of the plan and ensuring that the Green Corridor as outlined in your draft publication is properly established.

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Please supply details of the omission site. Green area to the east of Highfield Lane and down towards Cheeseman's Green Lane. Establishment of a green area along section WE15 and extending south of the railway line towards Cheeseman's Green.