Local Plan to 2030 Regulation 19 - Publication June 2016

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Agent Judith Wright
Response Date 10 Aug 2016
Do you consider this part of the document is Sound? No
On which grounds do you consider the document unsound? (if applicable)
  • Not Positively Prepared
  • Not Justified
  • Not Effective
  • Not Consistent with national policy
Do you consider the Document is Legally Compliant? No

Representation form comments:

Failure to objectively assess against infrastructure and transport needs.

Not effective - timely delivery unlikely in present form. Not sustainable.

Covering Letter:

This petition has been signed by over 300 adult residents of the Parish/ward of Biddenden, Ashford, Kent in response to proposals for 45 homes to be built at the southern end of a site submitted for development in 2013.

Although the Borough Council has offered an online commenting facility and an option to complete a paper representation form, this is not very easy for many residents to either access or complete confidently.

Therefore we have generated this petition, which we hope will encourage the Borough Council, Parish Council, landowner and developer to engage further with this community regarding the specific proposals in S27. It is the belief that many residents do not consider S27 to be sound or sustainable.

Petition attached with 319 signatures.

The petition is worded thus:

We understand a need for more rural housing. However, this cannot be to the detriment of this village.

A new development

a) must be low density

b) Must be sustainable

c) must enhance the village

d) must not put further strain on school places, the infrastructure and medical facilities.

Therefore we urge Ashford Borough Council not to approve any more than 25 dwellings on the North Street Site, Biddenden.


What changes do you suggest to make the document legally compliant or sound? Further engagement with residents. Assurances of school places, infrastructure, road safety FIRST before plans for homes of multi use building are in place.
Reduce number of dwellings to 25.
Do you consider it necessary to participate at the oral part of the examination? Yes
Does your representation relate to an omission site (a site that has not been included). For example a site for Housing, Employment, Travellers, or Local Green Spaces. No
Please supply details of the omission site.