Local Plan to 2030 Regulation 19 - Publication June 2016

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Response Date 12 Aug 2016
Do you consider this part of the document is Sound? No
On which grounds do you consider the document unsound? (if applicable)
Do you consider the Document is Legally Compliant? No

The attached document outlines our concerns in Part 1, Section 4 that our Parishioners have found it extremely difficult to comment on the Plan. Thus we consider that question 4 is flawed as we do not have professional legal or planning knowledge. Part l also looks at the policies which we consider are UNSOUND.

Part two of the attached document places objections to two sites in Kingsnorth Parish, S3 Court Lodge (page 50) and S4 Land north of Steeds Lane and Magpie Hall Road (page 55) which we consider to be UNSOUND

Part three of the attached document raises objections to the Infrastructure Delivery Plan and considers it UNSOUND

6. Policy ENV4 Dark Skies

It is noted that the Parish sits outside the Dark Sky Zone. This is a matter that is important to many residents and we would like this zone to be widened to include Shadoxhurst please. We do note of course that the Ashford Glow will creep closer to the village as the large housing developments are built and ask that ABC are robust in their enforcement of lighting standards to minimise the lateral and skyward glows of all light fittings on the development sites.

What changes do you suggest to make the document legally compliant or sound? Inclusion of Shadoxhurst in the Dark Sky zone.

We are not legally knowledgeable or proficient to be able to comment about legal compliance without seeking legal advice. The attached document looks at the soundness and questions if they can be made sound.
Do you consider it necessary to participate at the oral part of the examination? Yes
Does your representation relate to an omission site (a site that has not been included). For example a site for Housing, Employment, Travellers, or Local Green Spaces. No
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