Local Plan to 2030 Regulation 19 - Publication June 2016

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Response Date 12 Aug 2016
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2.1. We consider the Vision for the plan positively addresses the different roles of settlements by

highlighting the focus at Ashford supported by development at Tenterden and other key rural

settlements including Hamstreet. This appropriately acknowledges the relative sustainability of

different locations for growth and this provides a helpful spatial focus to the vision. The spatial

strategy chosen is supported by the findings of the Sustainability Appraisal (SA) 1.

2.2. Other options considered in the SA had a greater reliance on greenfield sites through either a

dispersed distribution pattern of Alternative 4.3 or the large scale free-standing urban area of

Alternative 4.4. These were shown to have significant negative effects in relation to the impact

on the character and quality of the landscape and designated landscape of the Area of

Outstanding Beauty as Chilham, Rolvenden, Challock, Westwell, Wittersham and Wye are set

within an AONB as is the area to the north of Charing. Whereas the chosen strategy was

shown to have a minor negative effect on this objective.

2.3. Policy SP1 sets out a number of strategic objectives to support the delivery of the Vision for

the Borough. However, the strategic objectives will not apply to all sites all of the time. For

example, not all sites will or can provide employment and as the plan itself acknowledges, not

all sites will be brownfield. It is important that the plan is supportive of suitable brownfield

opportunities that may arise over the plan period but this is not the only type of development

proposed or anticipated in the plan.



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