Local Plan to 2030 Regulation 19 - Publication June 2016

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Agent Steve Mellor
Response Date 10 Aug 2016
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HOU15 -

This policy is unsound because it is unjustified and unclear. It should be clear that flats have a provision of a 1.5 metre balcony or an area of private space or patio not both.

Paragraph 5.106A is completely unclear. It sets out the 10 metre long 'rule of thumb' approach to rear gardens but how can the first 5 metres from the rear of the house not be overlooked by surrounding properties. This distance is only achievable on the largest standard dwellings and this text should be removed or amended.

The council needs to provide evidence to justify this local policy. The Government is anxious to reduce the burdens imposed on developers, as articulated by its Productivity Plan (Fixing the Foundations, HM Treasury, July 2015). The Government's work on streamlining construction standards relates primarily to the "construction, internal layout and performance of new dwellings" (Written Ministerial statement, 25 March 2015). It is unclear, therefore, whether external space standards falls into the area covered by the review. Nevertheless, it is our view that such a policy is not necessarily in the spirit of the Government's agenda to streamline the system and reduce burdens on developers.

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