Local Plan to 2030 Regulation 19 - Publication June 2016

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Agent Barton Willmore (Lucy Wilford)
Response Date 10 Aug 2016
Do you consider this part of the document is Sound? No
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  • Not Positively Prepared
  • Not Justified
  • Not Effective
  • Not Consistent with national policy
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Policy ENV2 – Green Corridor & Green Corridor Plan

5.34 We have no objection in principal with the concept of the Green Corridor and agree that the

western edge of Park Farm South East, which is undevelopable, would make a positive

contribution to this network as an open space and ecological resource. However, commensurate

with our representations with respect of the ‘Ashford Urban Area-Insert, Figure 2’ the extent

of the Green Corridor must be pulled back from the developable area of Park Farm South East,

in line with the plan prepared by Allen Pyke Associates (Appendix 1) and Concept Masterplan

(Appendix 2). Currently the plan unnecessarily prevents development on developable land on

the Site’s western boundary for which there is no justification.

5.35 It is noted that Policy ENV2 references the ‘Ashford Green Corridor Action Plan’ as providing

the basis for the Green Corridor Area. This document has not been published by the Borough

Council as part of its evidence base and is otherwise not publically available. We are therefore

unable to comment on its content. This is a significant shortcoming, since Policy ENV2

specifically restricts development in the Green Corridor which includes the proposed Green

Corridor extensions areas, such as that at Park Farm South East.

5.36 Policy ENV2 and Green Corridor Plan is therefore not ‘Justified’, would not make the Local Plan

‘Effective’, is not ‘Consistent with National Policy’ and is not ‘Positively Prepared’.


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