Local Plan to 2030 Regulation 19 - Publication June 2016

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Response Date 10 Aug 2016
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Paragraph 3.107

In response to your consultation I have the following points:

1.      It is important to prevent development between Highfield Lane and Blind Lane to prevent Mersham village being swallowed up in an industrial estate.

2.      HGV traffic must be prevented from blocking country lanes around Mersham  and yet they are already parking near Highfield Lane/Kingsford street near the bridge over the M20 between Tesco and Mersham.

3.      Traffic flow and access to housing at South Willesborough must be improved and extra development around Highfield Lane/ Church Road will only create more congestion at J10 and Orbital Park roundabouts. Currently the thousands of houses (and cars) being installed in the Kingsnorth area and the area between Cheeseman’s Green and the A2070 are creating ridiculous congestion and delays at J10. Only a minor incident in these area and the whole of the A2070 and access to South Willesborough/ Greenacres estate becomes gridlocked.

4.      Do not add HGV traffic to the already congested and un-workable traffic route around J10, Orbital Roundabout and Barrey Road. For residents of Newtown and South Willesborough (Greenacres) it can become a nightmare to drive 1 mile from home. Not good when you need to coomute/ shop/ access your own home!.

5.      The proposed second junction 10 a is unlike to help as it will remove half of the J10 ramps and bring in more HGVs.

6.      Preserve the old Sevington church and the   Surrounding Kent Countryside.

7.      Don’t turn Ashford into an Industrial estate.


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