Local Plan to 2030 Regulation 19 - Publication June 2016

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Agent Barton Willmore (Kate Holland)
Response Date 10 Aug 2016
Do you consider this part of the document is Sound? No
On which grounds do you consider the document unsound? (if applicable)
  • Not Positively Prepared
  • Not Justified
  • Not Effective
  • Not Consistent with national policy
Do you consider the Document is Legally Compliant? No

Policy ENV2: The Ashford Green Corridor & Corresponding Plan

3.31 We strongly object to Policy ENV2 and the supporting plan at page 281 of the Local Plan, where

it identifies a potential future extension to the Green Corridor over the development area of

Land at Willesborough Lees (Policy S17). This would sterilise a significant portion of the

allocated site, contrary to Policy S17 of the Local Plan. In addition, the extension to the corridor

over the Site is not ‘Justified’, since the ‘Ashford Green Corridor Action Plan’, which Policy ENV2

cites as a forming the basis of the policy is not publically available for scrutiny.


3.32 The boundaries of the proposed extension to the Green Corridor on the Green Corridor Plan

must be amended such that it does extend into the development area of Land at Willesborough

Lees, since this runs contrary to Policy S17 and would significantly frustrate and reduce housing

numbers deliverable across the Site.

3.33 Unless this change is made to the plan, the plan and Policy ENV2 fails to be ‘Justified’, would

not make the Local Plan ‘Effective’, is not ‘Consistent with National Policy’, is not ‘Positively

Prepared’ and is therefore ‘Unsound’.


What changes do you suggest to make the document legally compliant or sound? See Above
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