Local Plan to 2030 Regulation 19 - Publication June 2016

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Response Date 17 Aug 2016
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Policy SP1 – Strategic Objectives

Policy Overview

7.1.1 The policy contains the overarching strategic objectives and vision for the Local Plan, it sets out

what Ashford Borough is trying to achieve through its Local Plan and how it will go about achieving

those goals.

Policy Analysis

7.1.2 In general GDL agree with much that is contained within the strategic objectives of SP1. The

objectives are somewhat generic, but are broad principles to which there is a likelihood of general


7.1.3 Our concerns relate to the supporting text, and specifically the text contained within the vision in

paragraph 3.5. It states:-

“The other rural service centres of Charing, Hamstreet and Wye will remain

important providers of local shops and services, with care taken to conserve and

enhance their historic centres and the delivery of limited development.” Our


7.1.4 It is our view that the telling phrase at the end of the vision is something which feeds through much

of the Local Plan, in that it is the Councils approach to restrict development in rural areas without

any consideration as to whether these areas could sensibly accommodate a greater proportion of

the boroughs housing need. GDL do not argue that there is no logic in concentrating the core of

development needs in Ashford, but as we will discuss in more detail later there is a need to provide

development in rural areas to protect and enhance the services and facilities in such areas. The

vision should be about achieving sustainable development, not about limiting development.

7.1.5 Furthermore the vision contains very little, beyond the need to limit development in Charing,

Hamstreet and Wye, as to what the goal is for the other rural sustainable settlements within Ashford.

Soundness Conclusion

7.1.6 GDL therefore consider that the vision as it is presently written is unsound as it is not in conformity

with the NPPF. We would suggest that the vision is changed to include a reference to all rural

settlements, and that the phrase limited development is replaced with sustainable development in

order to be in accordance with paragraph 14 of the NPPF.


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