Plantation Close Development

Plantation Close Development

Ashford Borough Council’s housing services team is proposing to build four new 1-bedroom bungalows on the Plantation Close garage site and would like your feedback about its plans to develop the site.

The overall picture

There are currently around 1,350 people on the council’s waiting list for affordable housing, with 144 of these requiring a flush floor shower. Many of these people are older people who depend on affordable housing and need somewhere to live that is more suitable for their needs. Throughout the pandemic the government has prioritised construction as an essential industry, ensuring that there remains a national focus on delivering good quality council housing. Like every other authority in the country, we must do our bit to try and alleviate the housing issues that we face.

The consultation

This is a genuine consultation to shape the planning application submission. This is the first of two opportunities you will have to comment on the proposals.

Stage 1

As a housing service we hold a pre-planning consultation event (in this case due to present restrictions we are holding an online consultation). The aim is to identify the thoughts and/or concerns of the local community. We take these views very seriously and ask for your honest feedback.

Stage 2

We then take these comments into consideration and wherever possible adapt our proposals before they are submitted as a full planning application that also goes to planning committee. ABC Housing goes through the planning process as any applicant does. You will have a second, more formal opportunity to give your thoughts on the planning application at Stage 2. The council’s housing team does not have the right to appeal the planning decision.

We would ordinarily hold the consultation at a venue in the locality but given the current situation we are holding it remotely this time. However, we are making the experience as interactive as possible by providing the following:

  • This text as an introduction as to why we are looking to develop in Harper Road.
  • A short video produced by the architects BPTW that explains the proposals in greater detail.
  • A questionnaire that provides you with an opportunity to express your views on the plans and to ask questions of the council officers and architects involved in the proposals.

Plantation Close – the background

The proposed site in Plantations Close, Hothfield, consists of 22 garages overlooked by houses on all sides. To the south of the site there are semi-detached bungalows, and to the north 2 storey terraced houses. There is pedestrian access from Plantation Close through to School Road. In the vicinity there is a children’s centre, post office and village hall as well as Hothfield heathland.

ABC have reviewed all of the garage sites in their possession and considered each for their development potential.

Plantation Close – the proposals

We are keen to develop this site for affordable housing it currently has 22 garages, of which 11 are let. The proposal is for four x 1-bedroom wheelchair bungalows. The intention is that they will be allocated to people on our housing waiting list needing social and affordable rental homes. We will aim to set affordable rent levels on these homes that are around 60-80% of market rent levels in the area. This is to ensure the homes are genuinely affordable to those are housed in them. These levels will be within the Local Housing Allowance.

Link to video

Overhead 1Proposal overhead


Demolition normally forms part of the overall construction of the works, sometimes it is carried out in advance to clear the site ready. However, we employ competent fully qualified contractors to carry out this work, experienced in working on brownfield sites. The garages will be dismantled carefully to take into account materials used.


We appreciate that residents will be concerned about parking. During the works, we would be working with contractors to ensure that there is minimal impact on the local roads during this time.

Planning have requirements that have to be satisfied before works can begin. Once the construction phase has finished the parking required would have been provided to ensure there will be adequate provision. We use extensive knowledge gained through our own development schemes across the borough to ensure that the parking provision is appropriate and of course adhering to planning policy. Through the consultation process we welcome any comments about matters that you feel will be important to the development.

The design

The proposals have been designed by BPTW Architects who are highly experienced at providing desirable homes and places that fully consider the surrounding area and properties. High quality design and materials are important to us, we want our developments to complement and enhance the local area.

The buildings proposed are four x 1-bedroom homes, designed to the Nationally Described Space Standard for new dwellings and to meet Building Regulation M4(2)(3) standards. This means they will be fully wheelchair accessible. The buildings proposed take their cue from the surrounding street scene and with consideration given to neighbouring properties and other practical aspects such as parking and refuse.

Proposal frontview from Plantation Closeview from Plantation Close


We would anticipate at this stage that subject to obtaining the relevant planning permissions, work would begin on site within a year and that the build time will be around eight months.


There is a survey available as part of this consultation which we invite you to complete. If you have raised any questions that require feedback then we will come back to you. Please leave your contact details and we can supply a full response.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our proposals. We await your feedback with interest.


Privacy Policy

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